Library and Resources

We have a number of books and other resources that we are very happy to loan out. Speak to a member of the team at any of our events to borrow something.

Books by Sangharakshita

Ambedkar and Buddhism
Buddha Mind
Crossing the Stream – 2 copies
Facing Mount Kanchenjunga
Flame in Darkness – The Life and Sayings of Anagarika Dharmapala
Human Enlightenment
In the Realm of the Lotus – Sangharakshita with Jo Mallander
In The Sign of The Golden Wheel – 2 copies
New Currents in Western Buddhism
Peace is a Fire
Ritual & Devotion in Buddhism
Sangharakshita complete poems 1941/1994
The Bodhisattva Ideal
The Buddha’s Victory
The Drama of Cosmic Enlightenment
The Essential Sangharakshita
The FWBO and ‘Protestant Buddhism’ An Affirmation and a Protest
The History of my Going For Refuge
The Inconceivable Emancipation – 2 copies
The Priceless Jewel
The Religion of Art
The Taste of Freedom – 2 copies
The Ten Pillars of Buddhism – 2 copies
The Three Jewels
Tibetan Buddhism
Transforming Self & World
Was The Buddha A Dhikkhu?
What is the Dharma?
What is the Sangha?
Wisdom Beyond Words

Books By Other Authors

A Concise History of Buddhism – Andrew Skilton
A Memoir – Dharmachari Amoghavaira Lulu
Bringing Buddhism to The West – Subhuti
Buddhism & the natural world – P.D. RYAN
Buddhism Without Beliefs – A Contemporary Guide to Awakening – Stephen Batchelor
Buddhist Meditation – Tranquillity, Imagination and Insight – Kamashila
Exploring Karma & Rebirth – Nagapriya
Garland of Terms – Asvajit & Cittapal
JAI BHIM: Dispatches from a Peaceful Revolution – Terry Pilchick (Nagabodhi)
Meditating – Jinananda
Meditating (Living a Buddhist Life series) – Jinanda
Meeting the Buddhas – A Guide To Buddhas, Bodhisattvas And Tantric Deities – Vessantara
Noble Friendship – travels of a Buddhist monk
Planting A Seed – Manjuvajra
Rebirth and the Western Buddhist – Martin Willson
Reflections on wildness by Vidyadevi (Editor)
Re-imagining the Buddha – Subhuti
Sailing The Worldly Winds – Vajragupta
Sangharakshita a new voice in the Buddhist tradition – Subhuti
Start Where You Are – A Guide to Compassionate Living – Chodron Shambhala
Start Where You Are – A guide to compassionate Living – Pema Chodron – 2 copies?
Tales Of Freedom – Vessantara
Teachers of Enlightenment – Kulananda – 2 copies
The Buddhist Vision – Subhuti
The Heart – The Art of Meditation – Vessantara
The moon and flowers a woman’s path to enlightenment – Windhorse
The Triratna Story – Vajragupta – 2 Copies
The Wheel of Engaged Buddhism – Kraft
The Wheel of Life – Kulananda

CD’s Digital Legacy – Catalogue of Sangharakshitas Talks

The majority of these are now available on Free Buddhist Audio;

4 The Heights and Depths in the Spiritual Life
28 The Stages of the Spiritual Path
65 The Origin and Development of the Bodhisattva Ideal
66 The Awakening of the Bodhi Heart
67 The Bodhisattva Vow
68 Altruism and Individualism in the Spiritual Life
69 ‘Masculinity’ and ‘Femininity’ in the Spiritual Life
70 On the Threshold of Enlightenment
71 The Bodhisattva Hierarchy
72 The Buddha and the Bodhisattva: Eternity and Time
88 The Problem of Human Relationships
97 Transcending the Human Predicament
101 The Jewel in the Lotus
102 The Archetype of the Divine Healer
132 A Vision of Human Existence
134 A Blueprint for a New World
185 The Transcendental Eightfold Path
186 Great Buddhists of the Twentieth Century
187 Intellect, Emotion, and Will
188 Extending the Hand of Fellowship
189 Reflections on Going Forth
192 Looking at the Bodhi Tree
193 Communicating the Dharma
194 Looking Ahead – a Little Way

ithi kho bikkhave buddhist chants

Readings from the Pali Canon
Readings from the Pali Canon

M09 Kamalashila: Exemplification
M08 Kamalashila: Transformation
M04 Kamalashila: Foundation
M05 Kamalashila: Gravitation