Finding Peace in a Turbulent World: An Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation

Six weeks from Thursday 23rd Jan to Thursday 27th Feb, 2020, from 7 pm to 9 pm.

It seems as though we are living in a turbulent world and we can experience ourselves as blown around by what the Buddha called the ‘worldly winds’ of pleasure and pain, gain and loss, praise and blame, and, fame and infamy, which blow constantly regardless of how we try to stop them. However, Buddhism teaches that we can engage more positively and creatively with the world, and our experience, and that we can cultivate peace and be happier and kinder. On the course we will explore some of the most fundamental teachings of Buddhism and learn two meditation practices – one to cultivate a calmer mind and another to help us become kinder.

The six sessions will be held on our regular Thursday evenings from 7 to 9 pm at the Exeter Natural Health Centre, starting on 23rd Jan and continuing weekly until 27th Feb 2020. Due to the size of our venue places are limited so please book and decide to attend the course in full. The cost of the course is by donation, but we suggest £60 (for the full course) if you are well resourced, and £30 if you are less so. To book a place we ask for a £10 deposit for which you will receive a course booklet. For more information and to book please email nandavajra