The Sound of One Hand – Sangha Saturday

A special Saturday Sangha Day, 9th December – all welcome. Exeter Community Centre, Dinham Room, 10:30 – 14:45. Please bring something vegan for a bring and share lunch.

Satyadasa will be talking with Danaketu on themes from his book, the first memoir published by Windhorse in many years. Here’s what some senior Order members have said about it:

‘I really loved The Sound of One Hand. Satyadasa’s writing is both profound and moving as well as hilariously funny in places. I know this is an extraordinarily difficult balance to strike as a writer, and he does it with great success and skill. Whilst the tale is about the specifics of his life – being born with one hand and his engagement with Buddhism – it is also a beautifully written account of the archetypal human quest for meaning. I recommend it wholeheartedly.’ – Vidyamala

‘This beautifully written memoir goes surprisingly deep because it is so exceptionally honest….’ – Vishvapani

‘Satyadasa lays himself bare, revealing struggles, personal and spiritual that will be familiar to many of us, whilst also providing a truthful and inspiring account of a spiritual community as it matures.’ Subhuti.

Satyadasa is a lawyer and member of the Triratna Buddhist Order since 2011. He teaches at the London Buddhist Centre, leads retreats and was the Buddhist tutor at Eton College for ten years. He lives with his family in East London.

Find out more about “The Sound of One Hand” from the Windhorse Publication podcast

To buy a copy of the “The Sound of One Hand” Visit Windhorse Publications – copies will also be available to purchase on the day