The Darkness Around us is Deep – Sangha Saturday

‘The darkness around us is deep’*

A special Saturday Sangha Day, 11th November – all welcome. Exeter Community Centre, Dinham Room, 10:30 – 14:45. Please bring something vegan for a bring and share lunch

As we enter the dark season of the year in our northern hemisphere, Akashadevi, Sukamala and Vidyadasi are going to evoke the realm of the green Buddhas of fearlessness, Tara and Amoghasiddhi, through meditation, some words, reflection and ritual.

Please join us to find our way through to the mystery and beauty hidden in the heart of darkness, guided by these two archetypal Buddhas and their qualities. You might want to consider wearing a dark green item of clothing and /or bring a green offering for our ritual.

‘It is dark as you walk between the huge trees. In the forest you can hear rustlings and cries …you walk for hours, with the whispering wings of owls overhead. It would be easy to become afraid and turn back, but if you were to do so, you would never meet Amoghasiddhi and Green Tara, the Buddhas of the northern realm…’
(adapted from Vessantara’s ‘Meeting the Buddhas’)

*line from a poem by William Stafford