Bowerwood Work Days

Buddhafield is a collaboration of Buddhists involved with the Triratna Buddhist Community; some are members of the Triratna Buddhist Order (for more information, visit It runs a programme of camping activities in the South of England, focused around the teaching and practice of Buddhism and Buddhist meditation.  It is fortunate to own two areas of land, both in Devon: Frog Mill on Dartmoor and Bowerwood on the Blackdown Hills.

Pom (Paul McFadden), a Mitra practising in this Devon Sangha, currently manages Bowerwood, which lies a mile north of the village of Broadhembury, and is about a 20 minute drive from either Cullompton or Honiton.  It’s an 18 acre site, predominantly wooded, with areas of scrub and open grassland, and some more managed areas associated with the camping retreats that take place there.

Management of the site is mainly through monthly volunteer work days, held generally on a Saturday, that Pom co-ordinates and hosts.  They run from 11am until 4-4.30pm, with a good long lunch break in the middle.  There’s plenty to do workwise, with a range of jobs available to suit varying abilities and interests, but participants are encouraged to go at their own pace and stop a-while to ‘hear the silence’, or to engage in connection with the land and other volunteers.

Sadly, access to the site by public transport is very poor, but it may be possible to pick up from Exeter or Honiton, if arranged in advance.  Otherwise, there is a vehicular track to the land and various parking areas on site.

For further information about the work days, please contact Pom on 07971 104517 or