Dates of Sangha Nights over December and January

We are continuing our theme of exploring the
Buddha’s Threefold Path of Ethics – Meditation – Wisdom:

13 December – mitra-led practice night with Robin, Sue and Jo on the theme of meditation
20 December – practice and reflections on the year with Nandavajra

no class on Wednesday 27 December and 3 January!

10 January – start the year with ’embracing the darkness of winter and the usefulness of being fallow’ with Vidyadasi!
17 January – start of our theme of WISDOM, the third aspect of the Threefold Path: we’ll look at the three marks of conditioned existence, also known as ‘the three lakshanas’)

If you haven’t been to Sangha Night for a while, do come along and enjoy the company of other meditators and dharma practioners, you’ll be welcome!

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