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Day Retreat 11 February 2018

Day Retreat Sunday February 11th 2018:

I am really pleased to let you know that we have booked the large room at the Exeter Natural Health Centre for a day retreat to mark Parinirvana Day – this Buddhist festival marks the death and final Awakening of the historical Buddha, and it is also an opportunity for us to reflect on impermanence and fact of death.

Everyone welcome who is familiar with the Mindfulness of Breathing and metta bhavana practices.

Arrive 10am for a 10.30 start and due to end around 4.30pm;
the morning will be dedicated to silence, meditation practice and readings from the sutta describing the last few weeks of the Buddha’s life, and after a shared lunch we will have time to hear a little about the Buddhist teachings of impermanence and death, have space for discussion, and we will end with a puja.
If you wish, please bring photos of anyone who has died over recent years who you would like to remember on this day, to put on the shrine.

Dates of Sangha Nights over December and January

We are continuing our theme of exploring the
Buddha’s Threefold Path of Ethics – Meditation – Wisdom:

13 December – mitra-led practice night with Robin, Sue and Jo on the theme of meditation
20 December – practice and reflections on the year with Nandavajra

no class on Wednesday 27 December and 3 January!

10 January – start the year with ’embracing the darkness of winter and the usefulness of being fallow’ with Vidyadasi!
17 January – start of our theme of WISDOM, the third aspect of the Threefold Path: we’ll look at the three marks of conditioned existence, also known as ‘the three lakshanas’)

If you haven’t been to Sangha Night for a while, do come along and enjoy the company of other meditators and dharma practioners, you’ll be welcome!