Changes for Triratna Exeter

As you will know, Mokshini recently left our team and moved to Berlin where she is happily settling . As a result we have been reviewing how we run our group and our activities in Exeter.

I am very pleased to be able to say that a number of us will be forming a more conscious team so that our Sangha becomes more a ‘shared enterprise’; I feel optimistic about this and believe it is a positive development that will mean our Sangha can prosper. As it stands our developing team include Alex, Sue, Sarah, Will, Paul, Stewert, Bernadette, Paul, Laila, Robin, Vidyadasi, Karunadarshin, Sukamala, Satyajit and Nandavajra.

As part of our review we decided that it is important that we continue with a weekly evening event (Sangha evening) as a focus for our Sangha, but that from the beginning of 2019 it will change to Thursday evening as this is a better fit for a number of us in the team. I hope that those of you who attend Sangha evenings will not be inconvenienced by this change.



Four levels of speech

We’re coming to the end of our current theme of ‘What is the Sangha/ What is a spiritual community?’ which we have been exploring over several weeks in our regulars class on Wednesday evenings at the Exeter Natural Health Centre. Today we had a very enjoyable and thought provoking discussion on the four levels of speech – a traditional Buddhist list of four aspects to aim to develop: truthful, kindly, meaningful and harmonising.

Here is a picture of the flip chart that Nandavajra so helpfully provided! 
And next week we are concluding this theme of sangha by looking at the archetypal sangha of Buddhas and bodhisattvas – if you have ever been intrigued by the many mythical figures that are associated with Buddhism, come along and find out more – all welcome!