Finding Peace in a Turbulent World: An Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation

Six weeks from Thursday 23rd Jan to Thursday 27th Feb, 2020, from 7 pm to 9 pm.

It seems as though we are living in a turbulent world and we can experience ourselves as blown around by what the Buddha called the ‘worldly winds’ of pleasure and pain, gain and loss, praise and blame, and, fame and infamy, which blow constantly regardless of how we try to stop them. However, Buddhism teaches that we can engage more positively and creatively with the world, and our experience, and that we can cultivate peace and be happier and kinder. On the course we will explore some of the most fundamental teachings of Buddhism and learn two meditation practices – one to cultivate a calmer mind and another to help us become kinder.

The six sessions will be held on our regular Thursday evenings from 7 to 9 pm at the Exeter Natural Health Centre, starting on 23rd Jan and continuing weekly until 27th Feb 2020. Due to the size of our venue places are limited so please book and decide to attend the course in full. The cost of the course is by donation, but we suggest £60 (for the full course) if you are well resourced, and £30 if you are less so. To book a place we ask for a £10 deposit for which you will receive a course booklet. For more information and to book please email nandavajra


Radical Buddhism – 6 Week Course

Discover central Buddhist ideas and how they can change your life

This six week course explores how we might bring about positive change in our lives through the application of central Buddhist principles and meditation. We will explore how these ancient teachings can help us to lead a richer, fuller and happier life in the modern world.

Six weeks from Thursday 16th May 2019, from 7 to 9 pm, at Exeter Natural Health Centre (ENHC). Due to the size of our venue places are limited so please book by emailing Nandavajra and decide to attend the course in full. The cost of the course is by donation but we suggest £60 for the full course (if you are well resourced and £30 if you are less so).


Changes for Triratna Exeter

As you will know, Mokshini recently left our team and moved to Berlin where she is happily settling . As a result we have been reviewing how we run our group and our activities in Exeter.

I am very pleased to be able to say that a number of us will be forming a more conscious team so that our Sangha becomes more a ‘shared enterprise’; I feel optimistic about this and believe it is a positive development that will mean our Sangha can prosper. As it stands our developing team include Alex, Sue, Sarah, Will, Paul, Stewert, Bernadette, Paul, Laila, Robin, Vidyadasi, Karunadarshin, Sukamala, Satyajit and Nandavajra.

As part of our review we decided that it is important that we continue with a weekly evening event (Sangha evening) as a focus for our Sangha, but that from the beginning of 2019 it will change to Thursday evening as this is a better fit for a number of us in the team. I hope that those of you who attend Sangha evenings will not be inconvenienced by this change.



SANGHA WALK on Sunday 29 July

SANGHA WALK on Sunday 29 July, meet at 11am at a car park in South Brent.

(For directions, see details below).
It will be Dharma Day just two days before, on the full moon day of July which this year falls on Friday 27th, so this walk will be a rather lovely way to mark this auspicious event.

Paul (MacFadden) who lives in the area has come up with what sounds a delightful walk in the South Brent area which takes in the edge of Dartmoor, some woodlands and a nice off -road route that follows the River Avon valley.  It’s about 6 miles, some uphill (and downhill!) and varying views – gorgeous views on a lovely day.

There’s a free car park in South Brent, and Paul has very helpfully sent in a plan showing how to drive there, see the photo below. It’s at Old Station Yard and the Grid Reference is SX 69835 60257.  If that’s full, there is various other parking around, and Paul can direct people as required.

Paul is also happy to do a run over to Totnes station if people plan to arrive by train  – there is a train from Exeter St David’s leaving at 10.05  that gets intoTotnes at 10.42. Paul can pick up (I guess up to 3) people up from the train station; so if you’d like to take him up on his offer please phone Paul on 07971 104 517 or email on

Please bring a vegan or veggie picnic to share, and if perhaps some cutlery or what else may be needed – I will bring some paper plates with me for us to use!
Please bring plenty of water, good footwear, and rain gear (even though it seems right at this moment it may never rain again in Devon – you never know, the dry spell may end on this very day!I look forward to seeing some of you there, 



Sangha Nights in January and February 2018

Our regular’s class takes place every Wednesday evening at the Exeter Natural Health Centre, just behind the Boston Tea Party on Queens St – all our welcome! If you haven’t been before, you can email Mokshini (via the ‘contacts’ page) if you’d like to find out more what to expect or talk about meditation and/or Buddhist practice.
The next few weeks are dedicated to the theme of Buddhist wisdom, the final stage of the Buddha’s Threefold Path of Ethics – Meditation – Wisdom:

Buddhist Wisdom: an exploration and practice of the ‘three marks of conditioned existence’ (the three lakshanas)

17 January – Buddhist Wisdom: three marks of conditioned existence – impermanence
24 January – Buddhist Wisdom – insubstantiality
1 February – Buddhist Wisdom – unsatisfactoriness
8 February – Working with the three marks/ the three ‘lakshanas’